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May 11, 2018 at 1:32 PM

Showcasing Unisys WeatherUnisys has more than 40 years in providing reliable and timely weather data and products to the global weather enterprise, public, weather sensitive industries and businesses, and governments. We are renowned by the reliability and integrity of the weather data services. Our weather web site traffic is rated as top 10 in the Weather Enterprise.

As a worldwide systems integrator and IT innovator, Unisys bring an unparalleled depth of expertise in weather data, application, analytics, and solutions. Unisys has the experience and thought leadership in bringing together disparate ideas, providing real business solutions utilizing its expertise in security, big data, application customization, and cloud and infrastructure.

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Customer Challenges

Weather patterns influence business decisions every day and many global industries including travel and transportation, retailers, restaurants, insurance companies, military operations and political elections. In recent years, the amount of weather data has increased exponentially through high resolution image models, radar products and scans, increased access to satellite data, and an explosion of weather observations with new devices and social media. All of this data requires faster processing, more storage and computing resources with increased security.

At Unisys, we provide complex, reliable, and timely data, products, and services to organizations around the globe that rely on business and government mission-critical weather information every day to solve real world crises and problems. Our weather data’s integrity is unparalleled in the industry and our www.weather.unisys.com  website is rated in the top 10 sources in the weather industry.

By leveraging industry experts in security, applications modernization, cloud services and advanced analytics, Unisys brings a rare depth of expertise and insight to meet the challenges and demands of today’s ever-changing global climate changes. Our expertise lies in bringing together disparate data and integrating complex concepts, providing valuable solutions to our clients, and to millions of visitors who view our data daily.

Unisys Weather Information and Technology Solutions currently provides a wide breadth of weather products and value-added services to our clients including:

  • Our Weather Data Products and Service offers:

    • A large warehouse of worldwide real-time meteorological data;

    • Comprehensive data feeds of global observations of surface, upper air, satellite, and radar weather data;

    • Enterprise-grade reliability, redundancy, and 24x7 monitoring;

    • Multiple secure channels (satellite, the Internet, and dedicated lines) ensure data communication with 99.9% or better availability;

    • Patented national and regional radar mosaics;

    • Mobile access with customized visualization tools to allow mobile users to view pertinent weather information and imagery on the go.

  • Our Weather Application Products and Services offers:

    • A unique configurable turn-key NOAA Port Gateway system capable of receiving the full NWS Satellite Broadcast Network (SBN) bandwidth;

    • Customizing scalable and flexible solutions including mobile apps.

  • Our Weather Analytics Services offers:

    • Use of advanced analytics and big weather data to generate weather knowledge and insights to optimize business and government mission critical operations that facilitate climate analysis and environmental modeling.

  • Our Managed Weather Information Service offers:

    • Consulting services from Unisys in-house weather expert for a highly tailored solution;

    • Assisted weather data migration and weather application modernization by leveraging Unisys Cloud Migration and Application Modernization capabilities.

Delivering Weather Solutions and Services Empowered by Real-Time Data and Global Knowledge

Satellite AntennaUnisys delivers the right people, process, technology leading to optimized performance. By providing customized integrated solutions tailored to fit customer specific requirements. We leverage our domain expertise, unique tool sets and industry partners to deliver high-quality, value-added services.

At our solution foundation, Unisys collects global and national weather data from weather sensors such as weather radars, satellites, surface and upper air sensors, lightning detectors, and a vast array of other weather sources in its WeatherMax datacenter.  

The Unisys WeatherMax Datacenter benefits and features include:

  • Primary and backup data feeds for critical weather information built and operated to the highest reliability, robustness, and continuity in weather industry;

  • An on-site satellite transmission facility with redundant signal processors;

  • An on-site power generation and backup redundancies;

  • Clustered processing systems with hot failover and backup capabilities;

  • Monitoring and alerting for data center health;

  • Physical and logical security at all levels, including Unisys StealthTM for world-class security; 24x7 operations staff and help desk with in-house dedicated staff with diverse knowledge, skills and abilities – a mix of IT specialists and meteorologists.

  • Data is delivered to customers via satellite, the Internet, and dedicated lines. By employing LDM, FTP, and TCP/IP distribution services with Product Arrival Notifications (PAN), Unisys clients will be prepared for a weather crisis and never miss a critical warning.

Cutting Edge Technologies and the Latest Methodologies at Play

  • Beyond the raw weather data, Unisys has developed innovative weather processing techniques to serve the enterprise. For example, Unisys National Radar Mosaics can filter and remove non-weather information from radars using patented algorithms, generate accurate and relevant information for further analysis. Unisys Weather Processor (WXP), an XML conversion and visualization tool, can present weather data in a simple, elegant and easily understandable format.

  • Unisys’ application services employs Agile, responsive development techniques merged with industry standards, open architecture, combined with a rich client user experience to quickly integrate, test, and deploy modern weather software.

  • Unisys also offers expanded services for new type of weather feeds (MRMS, NDFD, RTMA, GOES-R), by using industry standards such as (netCDF, LDM, XML, GeoJSON, REST and SOAP). This process the DevOps approach and agile development to deliver the specialized product and services timely with premium quality.

  • We also employ machine learning and domain-specific data fusion/correlation, along with the weather data, to provide various level of analytics (Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive). This allows us to deliver optimized business and government mission-critical operations.

  • We leverage our public cloud partnerships with Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure to ensure a successful migration of weather applications and data to the cloud.GeoServer

About Unisys

Unisys is a global information technology company that specializes in providing industry-focused solutions integrated with leading-edge security to clients in the government, financial services and commercial markets. Unisys offerings include security solutions, advanced data analytics, cloud and infrastructure services, application services and application and server software. For more information, visit www.unisys.com