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Welcome to the Unisys Weather Server. The intent of this weather site is to provide a complete source of graphical weather information. This is intended to satisfy the needs of the weather professional but can be a tool for the casual user as well. The graphics and data are displayed as a meteorologist would expect to see. For the novice user, there are detailed explanation pages to guide them through the various plots, charts and images. The URL for this site is http://weather.unisys.com. Once connected to the home page, you can traverse through the available documents, sub-documents and images.


This server is composed of several pages that organize the site into menu and image pages. The menu pages are there to guide you to the images. Each image page has a set of links to related image pages.

Menu Pages

Menu pages are split up into 3 columns. The left column is a table of contents. This will guide you to other sections of the site based on data type:

Unisys Weather
Satellite Images
Surface Data
Upper Air Data
Radar Data
Model Statistics
NAM/Wrf Model
GFS/Avn Model
RAP Model
Hurricane Data
Archive of Images

You can enter a zip code, city name such as "Topeka, KS", a 4 letter METAR/ICAO identifier such as "KTOP", or a latitude and longitude such as "40,-100". To set a default, go to the "SETUP" page and that will it up so that that location will pop up in the box when the page loads.

The center column is an information column. Generally this describes the type of data, shows a small thumbnail image and gives links to more information. The "More information" pages detail the contents of each image including types of data, how they are plotted and descriptions of any symbols used.

The right column contains links to sub-menu pages and links to image pages.

US Temperature
N Amer Temperature
24hr Temp Change
Wind Chill
Heat Index
SL Pressure
3hr Pres Change
Wind Speed
Wind Streamlines
Moisture Convergence
Composite Plots
Regional Plots
Contour Plots
Daily Plots
Surface Meteograms
Update Status

The "Plots" section will take you to image pages. The "Index" section will take you to other sub-menu pages. The "Information" section will take you to specific information pages on the generation of the images such as an update status. The update status page gives you the times each image was last generated.

Image Pages

Image pages contain the actual images. Each image page is split into three sections. The top section is the menubar section. This links to other similar images for quick navigation through the site.

PLOT Temp NA-Temp 24-Temp WChill Heat Pres 3-Pres Dewp Wspd Stream QConv TYPE Norm Inv
TIME Current -1hr -2hr -3hr -4hr -5hr -6hr -7hr -8hr -9hr -10hr -11hr -12hr

The menu bar links to plots from other regions, other models, to other similar plots, to inverted plots (white background), and to archived images from previous hours.

The second section is the image itself (see below).

The last section of the image page is a description section. In some cases, additional information to help interpret the plot will be contained in this section. The details pages will be more complete (see More information in the menu pages).


Surface Temp

The image will have a header bar with plot description in the upper left and valid time in the upper right. The units the parameter is plotted in is denoted in brackets "[F]". The valid time is always given in universal (UTC) time but can include local time in some regional plots. See the time information page for more information

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The image itself contains data, either colored as in a satellite image or radar plot, color filled as in temperature contours, or plotted as in surface station model plots. A maps is overlaid for reference.

The bottom part of the image contains some specific information about the plot. There could be a color bar in the lower left which matches colors to actual data values such as in a color fill temperature plot. In the lower right could be contouring parameters such as max, min values in the grid and the contour interval.

Auto-Refresh - Each image page has a refresh time associated with it. This corresponds to how often the image is updated on the web server. The refresh will reload the page with the latest image. This makes sure that the latest image is always displaying

NOTE: Because many of these images are cached in the browser, the image that appears may not reflect the latest possible image. The browser will often display the cached image rather than the latest. If the image appears old, hit the Reload button to update the image. Some browsers like Firefox might not refresh the image even with a reload. Using shift-reload might update the image.

Details Pages

For each type of plot, there are details pages which explain each image in more detail. To access these pages, look for the "More information" link on each menu page:

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