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Q. What is the Unisys Weather Enthusiast application?

A. Unisys Weather Enthusiast is an application designed to allow weather enthusiasts to quickly select and view their favorite weather imagery from their Apple iPhone or iPod Touch. Users add frequently viewed images to their image list for quick access on the home screen.

Q. How do I add images to my list?

A. A user begins by selecting images based on their specifications from the "Add" view. Toggle between different types of imagery using the tab bar at the bottom, and fine tune your imagery by tapping the criteria types at the top. When you have found an image you want to save as a favorite, press the "Plus" button in the top right of the screen. This image is now added to your image list.

Q. How do I view images saved in my list?

A. Images saved in your list are viewable from the home screen of the application. You can swipe left and right to move from image to image, as well as pinch to zoom in on an image currently in view. Rotating the device to landscape mode will display the images full screen on the device. Two arrows in the bottom left and right corners of the view allow the user to change the image currently being displayed.

Q. How do I reorder my image list?

A. Tapping the "Thumbnail" button from the home screen allows you to click and drag your images around, reordering your list.

Q. How do I remove an image from my list?

A. Images can be removed from the home screen by tapping the trash can. This will remove the image currently in view. In addition, images can be removed from the "Thumbnail" view by tapping the trash can, then tapping the images they wish to remove, and tapping again when done.

Q. Why are some of the criteria in grayed out?

A. Criteria that is grayed out is not applicable for the current selected image. To override the current image and start with new criteria check the button labeled "reset image."

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