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USGS 3 Second Digitial Elevation Maps

These maps are a subset of the country showing the high resolution 3 second USGS elevation maps. Each map is 1x1 degree (40x60 miles) and is somewhat reduced in resolution in order to provide the images in a reasonable size. Raw colored elevation maps are giving along with DLG overlay maps. To get the raw data, connect to the USGS GeoData Site.

Click on the appropriate location on the map below. Not all locations have 3 sec. maps. Once you find a map, you can move to other maps by clicking on the arrows on each side of the map. Clicking on the map toggles DLG maps on and off.

Click anywhere on the map to get a more detailed map.

The elevations correspond to the following legend:

Overlaid on the elevation map are data from the USGS DLG (Digital Line Graphics) database. The database offers locations of states, counties, roads, railroads, parks, forests, rivers and lakes. Plotted on these maps are:
White - State, country, coast outlines
Gray - County outlines
Black - Rivers and major streams
Red - US Highways
Light red - Interstate Highways
Magenta - National Parks and Monuments