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USGS Digitial Elevation Maps

These maps are based on the 1 minute USGS digital elevation (DEM) database which is available via FTP or CD-ROM. The data was read in and decoded into a WXP grid file and contoured with WXP's contour program. Some of the maps are also overlaid with state, county outlines, roads, and rivers. This information is derived from the USGS digital line graph (DLG) database.

USGS Digitial Elevation Maps

Grayscale relief maps - highlights elevation giving a 3 dimensional appearance.
High resolution DEM maps (3 second resolution)

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The elevations correspond to the following legend:

Map Legend

Overlaid on the elevation map are data from the USGS DLG (Digital Line Graphics) database. The database offers locations of states, counties, roads, railroads, parks, forests, rivers and lakes. Plotted on these maps are:
White - State, country, coast outlines
Gray - County outlines
Black - Rivers and major streams
Red - US Highways
Light red - Interstate Highways
Magenta - National Parks and Monuments