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WeatherMAXTM Data Service


The Unisys Satellite Weather Gateway and Server is a computer used for collecting and distributing weather data. The server receives Unisys WeatherMAX products via a satellite downlink receiver. Features of the server are:

  • user configurable control files for product directory structure, site/product filtering, and product file naming specifications
  • automatic archiving (i.e., maintains a specified number of copies of each product and deletes files as they age)
  • decompresses compressed format products received from Unisys WeatherMAX
  • creates storm attributes products from NIDS Composite Reflectivity products
  • sends PAN (Product Arrival Notice) messages via a UDP/IP socket connection to a list of registered clients upon receipt of a weather product.
  • monitors GateWAY computer and displays an alarm if GateWAY computer loses the TCP/IP connection
  • monitors product quality and displays an alarm if a percentage of bad products (bad checksums, missing packets, etc.) are received over a specified time interval.


  • Linux - Gateway and server on a single PC running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 5.
  • QNX - Discontinued version that runs on two PCs under the QNX operating system. For additional documentation on the QNX set, see below.

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Unisys Weather Information Systems
2476 Swedesford Road
Malvern, PA 19355
Phone: 800-610-9473
Email: technical-support@weather.unisys.com