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Grid Proj Domain Size Resol. Comments
21 Lat/Lon 0-90N, 0-180E 37x37 5x2.5 Northern Eastern Hemisphere
22 Lat/Lon 0-90N, 0-180W 37x37 5x2.5 Northern Western Hemisphere
23 Lat/Lon 0-90S, 0-180E 37x37 5x2.5 Southern Eastern Hemisphere
24 Lat/Lon 0-90S, 0-180W 37x37 5x2.5 Southern Western Hemisphere
25 Lat/Lon 0-90N, 180W-180E 73x19 5x5 Northern Hemisphere
26 Lat/Lon 0-90S, 180W-180E 73x19 5x5 Southern Hemisphere
37 Lat/Lon Thinned 0-90N, 30W-60E 73x73 1.25x1.25 North, East 0
38 Lat/Lon Thinned 0-90N, 60E-150E 73x73 1.25x1.25 North, East 1
39 Lat/Lon Thinned 0-90N, 150E-120W 73x73 1.25x1.25 North, West 1
40 Lat/Lon Thinned 0-90N, 120W-30W 73x73 1.25x1.25 North, West 0
41 Lat/Lon Thinned 0-90S, 30W-60E 73x73 1.25x1.25 South, East 0
42 Lat/Lon Thinned 0-90S, 60E-150E 73x73 1.25x1.25 South, East 1
43 Lat/Lon Thinned 0-90S, 150E-120W 73x73 1.25x1.25 South, West 1
44 Lat/Lon Thinned 0-90S, 120W-30W 73x73 1.25x1.25 South, West 0
50 Lat/Lon 20-60N, 52-140W 36x33 2.5x1.25 Trapezoidal grid
61 Lat/Lon 0-90N, 0-180E 91x46 2x2 Northern Eastern Hemisphere
62 Lat/Lon 0-90N, 0-180W 91x46 2x2 Northern Western Hemisphere
63 Lat/Lon 0-90S, 0-180E 91x46 2x2 Southern Eastern Hemisphere
64 Lat/Lon 0-90S, 0-180W 91x46 2x2 Southern Western Hemisphere
201 Polar Stereo. 20S-90N 65x65 3.81x3.81 Northern Hemisphere
202 Polar Stereo. 7-80N, 30-160W 65x43 1.9x1.9 North America
203 Polar Stereo. 20-75N, 160E-100W 45x39 1.9x1.9 Alaska
204 Mercator 25S-60N, 110E-110W 93x68 1.6x1.6 Hawaii
205 Polar Stereo. 0-50N, 30-90W 45x39 1.9x1.9 Puerto Rico
207 Polar Stereo. 40-70N, 160E-100W 45x39 .95x.95 Alaska
208 Mercator 10-30N, 145-165W 29x27 .8x.8 Hawaii
211 Lambert Conf. 15-60N, 50-150W 93x65 .81x.81 CONUS
212 Lambert Conf. 15-60N, 50-150W 185x129 .40x.40 CONUS
213 Polar Stereo. 7-80N, 30-160W 129x85 .95x.95 North America
214 Polar Stereo. 40-70N, 160E-100W 97x69 .47x.47 Alaska
215 Lambert Conf. 15-60N, 50-150W 369x257 .20x.20 CONUS
E1 Lat/Lon 0-90N, 0-90W 37x37 2.5x2.5 Northern Hemisphere
E2 Lat/Lon 0-90N, 90W-180W 37x37 2.5x2.5 Northern Hemisphere
E3 Lat/Lon 0-90N, 180E-90E 37x37 2.5x2.5 Northern Hemisphere
E4 Lat/Lon 0-90N, 90W-0 37x37 2.5x2.5 Northern Hemisphere
E5 Lat/Lon 35S-35N, 0-90W 37x29 2.5x2.5 Equatorial
E6 Lat/Lon 35S-35N, 90W-180W 37x29 2.5x2.5 Equatorial
E7 Lat/Lon 35S-35N, 180E-90E 37x29 2.5x2.5 Equatorial
E8 Lat/Lon 35S-35N, 90W-0 37x29 2.5x2.5 Equatorial
E9 Lat/Lon 0-90S, 0-90W 37x37 2.5x2.5 Southern Hemisphere
E10 Lat/Lon 0-90S, 90W-180W 37x37 2.5x2.5 Southern Hemisphere
E11 Lat/Lon 0-90S, 180E-90E 37x37 2.5x2.5 Southern Hemisphere
E12 Lat/Lon 0-90S, 90W-0 37x37 2.5x2.5 Southern Hemisphere

From GRIB PDB Octet 6, Generating Process or Model

Defined in the "mod_name.lup" file.

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