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WXP Product Description

Grid Model/Generating Process

Model Number Description
OBS 0 Observed data
WXP 1 WXP derived fields
SWW 10 Significant Wind Wave model
LFM 19 Limited Fine Mesh model
SCA 25 Snow Cover Analysis
ECMWF 30,31,40,111,122,
European Center for Medium range
Weather Forecasting model
NGM 39 Nested Grid Model
NGM MOS 239 Nested Grid Model Model Output Statistics
GOI 43 Global Optimal Interpolation analysis
SST 44 Sea Surface Temperature analysis
S24 45 Spectral 24 wave model
S30 46 Spectral 30 wave model
LFO 53 Limited Fine Mesh model
ROI 64 Regional Optimal Interpolation analysis
AVN 69,77,81 Aviation model
MRF 78,80 Medium Range Forecast model
MRF MOS 278 Medium Range Forecast Model Output Statistics
Eta 83,84,85,89 ETA model
RUC 86,102 Rapid Update Cycle model

From GRIB PDB Octet 6, Generating Process or Model

Defined in the "mod_name.lup" file.

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Last updated by Dan Vietor on August 12, 1998