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Case Study Lookup File (case.lup)

To setup the case studies, the "case.lup" is used.  This file lists each case study and the resources to set and is located in the WXP database directory (see file_path).  


There are two types of lines in this file.  The first is a header line. The syntax is:

header description


  • description -- A description of a particular set of case studies (ie Winter Storms)

The second type is the case line.  The syntax is:

case name alias alias
resource value
resource value


  • name -- The name to use for the case.  This is usually a short abbreviation for the case such as a date or special event.  This also is the string to be displayed in the WXP shell when the case command is run.    The name can be "nolist" which specifies to not list the case study in the case listing. This allows you to setup large numbers of cases without making the case listing in the WXP shell to large to view.
  • alias -- A set of aliases to be used for the case.
  • description -- A full description of the case.  This can be up to 80 characters.
  • resource -- The name of a WXP resource to set.  There can be any number of resources set.  This actually sets an environment variable so that command line parameters will override this setting.
  • value -- The value of the resource.


Here is a sample:

header *** Winter Cyclones ***

case nolist 20nov94
Cyclone Occlusion over Plains and Midwest (20 Nov 1994)
data_path /home/wxp/case/20nov94
con_path /home/wxp/case/20nov94
curtime 199411220000

case 07jan97 444
Cyclone and Snow event over Midwest (07-10 Jan 1997)
data_path /home/wxp/case/07jan97
con_path /home/wxp/case/07jan97
curtime 199701091200

The header line is used to list the following case studies as winter cyclones.  The first case "20nov94" will not be listed when the "case" command is invoked but still can be used.  The second line "Cyclone..." is a long description of the case.  The next three lines set the "data_path" and "con_path" resources with the environment variables "wxpdata_path" and "wxpcon_path".  The last line sets the "wxpcurtime" environment variable to reset the current time to the most important time of the case study so that the current resource can be used with the case study.

The WXP User's shell uses a menu to select programs and options.  In order to make the shell more extensible, the menu items and the menus themselves can be changed at any time.  This is done by modifying the "wxp.menu" file located in the WXP database directory (see file_path). This file lists all the menus, the labels used to describe each action and the command to run when the item is selected.  


For further information about WXP, email technical-support@weather.unisys.com
Last updated by Dan Vietor on August 11, 1998