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NOAAPORT Satellite File

This is an image file format used by NOAAPORT for transmission of satellite images. WXP supports the GOES NOAAPORT image format which is based on the GRIB format.  These are 8 bit image files with a product definition block (similar in format to the GRIB PDB) which describes the origin and type of image as well as the projection the image is on in order to navigate the image.  All NOAAPORT images are either in polar stereographic, mercator or lambert conformal projections and cover the contiguous US (CONUS), Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico with a composite CONUS and northern hemisphere sector.


The file is split up into 2 components:

  1. Product definition block which contains the image type, size, resolution, date and projection information.
  2. Pixel data (the rest of the file).  Each pixel/byte is saved from left to right on the scan line. Each scan line is stored consecutively from top to bottom.


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Last updated by Dan Vietor on August 10, 1998