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Region File (.reg)

WXP uses a default region file called "wxp.reg".  In this file, there is a list of all regions that can be used in WXP and their appropriate plot_domain specifications.  Often, the default set of regions does not satisfy the users needs so new regions can be added to this file if needed. 


The syntax of this file is similar to the variable and menu files:

   abbr    name      toggle    plot_domain


  • abbr -- The region abbreviation to be used in specifying the region with the plot_domain resource.
  • name -- The full name of the region to be used in the region menu. No spaces are allowed but underscores "_" can be used in their place.
  • toggle -- This is a menu toggle which defines when the menu item will appear.  This can be one of the following:
    • 1 -- the item always appears
    • 0 -- the item never appears.
  • plot_domain -- The plot domain specification.  This cannot be a region abbreviation but must be the full domain specification such as "39,-97,2.3".

This file also controls which regions will show up in the region menu for appropriate WXP programs.  Also, dashes can be placed in each value to delimit a separator.   This is useful for organizing items in the region menu.


An example of a block from the wxp.reg file:

us     Contiguous_US       1  39,-97,2.3
ne     New_England         1  42,-76,.9
at     Atlantic            1  37,-82,.9
se     Southeastern        1  31,-88,1.1
mw     Midwestern          1  43,-93,1.1
sp     Southern_Plains     1  32.5,-100,1.2
nw     Northwestern        1  44,-112,1
sw     Southwestern        1  37,-112,1
--     ------------        1  ---------
wcan   Western_Canada      1  55,-110,1.3
ecan   Eastern_Canada      1  53,-75,1.3
ncan   Northern_Canada     1  70,-100,1.5
namer  North_America       1  50,-100,49,33,2.2
ngm    NGM                 0  40,-101,2.9
nhem   North_Hemisphere    0  90,-90,25,25,8
shem   South_Hemisphere    0  -90,-90,25,25,8
hi     Hawaii              0  21,-157,.6
ak     Alaska              0  65,-140,1.5
col    Colorado            1  39,-106,.8
ind    Indiana             1  40,-86,.3


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Last updated by Dan Vietor on August 11, 1998