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domtran - Domain/Projection transformation program


domtran [parameters] [transform location]


Command Line Resource Default Description
-h help No Lists basic help information.
-df=filename default .wxpdef Sets the name of the resource file.
-na=name name heat Specifies the name used in resource file parsing.
-ba batch No Run program in batch mode
-me=level message out2 Specifies level of messages to be displayed
  • output values - print
-pd=domain plot_domain None
Batch: first domain in wxp.reg file.
This specifies the plotting domain. The projection, aspect ratio and the domain size are specified.
-re=region region Same as plot domain This resource is synonymous with the plot_domain.
-pa=parameter parameter none Specifies additional parameters
value none
User prompt
transform - Specifies the transformation type:
  • earth2proj -- transforms lat,lon to projection X,Y
  • earth2grid -- transforms lat,lon to grid X,Y
  • proj2earth -- transforms projection X,Y to lat,lon
  • proj2grid -- transforms projection X,Y to grid X,Y
  • grid2earth -- transforms grid X,Y to lat,lon
  • grid2proj -- transforms grid X,Y to projection X,Y

location - Specifies the input location either as lat,lon or X,Y.


The domtran program is an interface into the WXP domain/projection library. The user specifies a transformation and a location and the program transforms the data to the requested coordinates.  The transformation is based on the plot_domain.   Regions can also be specified. 

   domtran -pd=us earth2proj 40,-90

The input is the lat,lon coordinate 40,-90.  South latitude and west longitude are negative.  The output is the X,Y coordinates on the projection plane.  In this case the projection plane is a polar stereographic projection centered on 97W longitude.

   domtran -pd=us earth2grid 40,-90

The output here is the location of the points relative to the grid specified by the plot domain.  In this case, the grid is a 25x17 grid centered on 39,-97 with a grid spacing of 2.3 (230 km).  The upper left hand gridpoint is 0,0 and the lower right gridpoint is 24,16. 


  • wxp.reg - The default region file


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Last updated by Dan Vietor on June 8, 1998