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pscat - Postscript concatenation program


pscat [options...] [file...]


Options Description
-h Lists help information.
-port Specifies to print plot in portrait mode.
-eps Specifies to create an Encapsulated Postscript file (EPS).
-title title Specifies title line in EPS file. This is useful for identifying graphics plots with word processors that list title in EPS graphics frame.
-output file Specifies output print file or device.
file Input Postscript stub


This program adds Postscript header and trailer information onto files to prepare them for printing. This is used when the Postscript append option has been specified with the device resource. The Postscript header contains the Postscript definition line plus any macro definitions. Once the graphic has been completely entered into the file, a trailer "showpage" command must be added in order to end processing for that page and print it out. Obviously, only one header and trailer can be contained in a particular Postscript file for a WXP image. By default when WXP creates a Postscript plot, this header is included:

%%Title: WXP Graphics Display
%%Creator: WXP Postscript Processor-2.0
%%CreationDate: Mon Sep 29 02:07:55 1997
%%Postscript initialization
30 dict begin
/saveobj save def
/inch {72 mul} def
/dot {.33 mul} def
/mv {moveto} def
/ln {lineto} def
/lw {setlinewidth} def
/np {newpath} def
/cp {closepath} def
90 rotate
.25 inch -8.25 inch translate
1 dot lw
0 setgray
2 setlinejoin
[] 0 setdash
%%Begin plot
... ( insert stub here)
saveobj restore  

If WXP plots are to be overlaid, this information cannot be saved. The append option for WXP will accomplish this. Plot information is therefore appended until the desired information is contained in the file. In order to prepare the appended file for printing pscat is run which puts the above header and trailer on the file. Now the file can printed properly.

If no output filename is given, pscat reads from standard input. Otherwise, pscat will read each file from the command line, printing the header before the first file and placing the trailer after the last file. The output of pscat is standard output unless the output parameter is specified or the wxpps_print environment variable is set. All options for output (file,pipe) can be set by specifying:

setenv wxpps_print postscript_file
setenv wxpps_print '|program'

The output parameter will also recognize the output types along with "-" for output to standard output.


  • hpglcat - HPGL concatenation program
  • gifcat - GIF file concatenation program

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Last updated by Dan Vietor on June 8, 1998