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wxpdef - WXP resource query program


wxpdef [parameters] [value]


Command Line Resource Default Description
-h help No Lists basic help information.
-df=filename default .wxpdef Sets the name of the resource file.
-na=name name wxpdef Specifies the name used in resource file parsing.
-ba batch No Run program in batch mode
-me=level message out2 Specifies level of messages to be displayed
  • output values - print (default if resource specified on command line)
  • additional information - out2
-ou=output output none Specifies type of output.
  • full - output full resource specification (as appears in resource file)
resource command none
User prompt
Specifies the resource to query.


The resource file is usually processed by the application programs to set initial program defaults, but in some cases, shell scripts may need to parse for these resource values. Also, users may wish to query resource specifications before running a particular application. Here are some examples:

To display all global defaults, use a ".", a period:

wxpdef .
*background: def
*con_path: /home/wxp/convert
*data_path: /home/wxp/data
*default: /home/wxp/etc
*file_path: /home/wxp/etc
*font_list: modern.fnt,gothic.fnt
*grid_path: /home/wxp/grid
*name_conv: ymdh
*raw_path: /home/wxp/raw
*watch_path: /home/data/ddplus    

To display information for a particular resource, just list the desired resource.   By default, only the resource value is displayed. If "full" output is desired, the resource will be displayed as it appears in the resource file. If more detailed information is needed, set the message level to "out2".

wxpdef data_path

wxpdef -ou=full data_path
*data_path: /home/wxp/data

wxpdef -me=out2 data_path   
Name: *
Resource: data_path
Env. variable: wxpdata or wxpdata_path
Command line: -dp or -data_path
Conversion: path
Value: *data_path: /home/wxp/data (from /home/wxp/etc)   

In the last case, the appropriate environment variable and command line parameters are listed. Finally, the value is listed with information about where the value was set, either resource file (filename listed) or environment variable.

To display information for a particular named resource, just list the name:

wxpdef hurricane.con_path

To show all resources for a particular program name, use ".", a period:

wxpdef xsat.
xsat.background: def
xsat.color_fill: 0-50
xsat.color_table: sat.clr
xsat.con_path: /home/wxp/convert
xsat.data_path: /home/wxp/data/mcidas
xsat.default: /home/wxp/etc
xsat.file_path: /home/wxp/etc
xsat.font_list: modern.fnt,gothic.fnt
xsat.grid_path: /home/wxp/grid
xsat.map_file: cont.dat,wxpstate.dat
xsat.name_conv: ymdh
xsat.raw_path: /home/wxp/raw
xsat.watch_path: /home/wxp/data      


  • .wxpdef - The WXP resource file.


For further information about WXP, email technical-support@weather.unisys.com
Last updated by Dan Vietor on Aug 31, 1997