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Resource: file_param

Resource file_param
Command Line -pf=param
Environment Variable wxpfileparam
Default Value prompt user
use in batch mode

The file_param resource specifies how to deal with writing to files that already exist.  If the file does not exist, the program creates it.  If the file exists, the program uses this resource to specify how to deal with the file.  

If the resource is not specified, the user is prompted for what to do:

   /home/wxp/convert/07121096_sao.wxp: exists overwrite (Y,N,Use,Over,App):

The user can select any of the options listed:

  • Use - use the existing file, don't overwrite.  The program sometimes terminates when this occurs.  This is especially true for decoders which perform no other operation than to create this file.
  • Over - overwrite the existing file
  • App - append the information onto the end of the existing file
  • Y - same as overwrite
  • N - same as use.

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Last updated by Dan Vietor on July 30, 1998