WXP Programs and Databases

WXP Executables

WXP is a toolkit so rather than there being one monolithic program, there are over 40 programs with varying functionality.  The system administrator will install these in some central location, such as /home/wxp/bin so that a generic executable path (see the PATH environment variable) can be used to access them.   Sometimes these are placed elsewhere in which you may need to contact your system administrator in order to set up your environment properly.

Here is a list of the WXP executables and a brief description of what they do:

Shell Programs

Ingest Programs



Plotting Programs

Contouring Programs

Loop/Overlay Programs

Calculations Programs

Miscellaneous Programs

WXP Database Files

WXP uses several text based database files to define station locations, map backgrounds, colors, variables, etc. All the WXP database files go in a central location, often /home/wxp/etc or /usr/local/wxp/etc.  This location is set in the file_path resource which is specified in the default resource file (.wxpdef).

Here is a list of the standard database files and their purpose:

City Databases (.cty) - station locations

Map Databases (.map and .bmap) - map outlines

Raw Databases (.raw) - used with wxpcity program

Variable Databases (.var) - lists predefined variables for each program

Lookup Databases (.lup) - extraneous lookup tables

Regions Databases (.reg) - predefined region lookup

Map File Lists (.mpl) - predefined lists of maps to draw

Color Tables (.clr)

Color Fill Tables (.cfl) - defines which colors will be used in color fill contours

Symbols Databases (.smb) - outlines of weather symbols

Fonts Databases (.fnt) - outlines of text


For further information about WXP, email technical-support@weather.unisys.com
Last updated by Dan Vietor on June 20, 2001