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Other Data Conversion


The SHEF data conversion program shefcvt decodes hydrological / climatological data and places the output in a raw file. Unlike the previous decoders, this does not place data into a special format. The information from both .A and .B report types are decoded.


CLIMAT data are broadcast at the beginning of a month and contain monthly max/min information as well as averages.  The decoder program called climat converts the WMO CLIMAT format into a raw file.

TAF (Terminal Forecast) Data

The tafcvt program provides the ability to decode and reformat TAF data.  It produces an English version of the TAF for general distribution.  Unlike other decoders, tafcvt does not create and output file.

Hurricane Data

The hurricane program decodes the standard hurricane products and produces a set of output files:

  • track.dat - text based track file including forecasted track.
  • track.raw - this is very similar to the track.dat file but it is formatted as a WXP raw file for use with mapplt to create tracking charts.
  • track.dom - the domain for the entire storm track used by mapplt to plot tracking chart. This calculates the range of lat and lon and adds 5 degrees in order to create a plot domain that fully encompasses the entire track.
  • last.dom - last position of storm used by xsat for satellite plots.
  • storm.php - full HTML file for that storm, uses image.list file to insert image snapshots of storm, also inserts segments of latest TPC advisories as described above.
  • image.list - this file is a list of images that have been saved for viewing. This file is NOT created by hurricane but is used by the program to create links in the storm.php file.
  • storm.line - single line status listing for storm.

For further information about WXP, email technical-support@weather.unisys.com
Last updated by Dan Vietor on June 3, 1998